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NextGen'verse: Witch Hunters by BomBright NextGen'verse: Witch Hunters by BomBright
I recognize that everyone has bouts of inactivity, but the worst part is that I have a bunch (well, a few) sketches and things that I could submit BUT then I'm like nah not right now. Ugh me. Currently fixing that, though. :D

These are technically two different sketches that were not exactly intended to see the light of day, but I'll show 'em anyway--They're similar in that they show relatively small characters that I will probably not give profiles (but will in the future give more polished versions). These are the first digital concept-art-things I've done for these guys, so expect the later versions to possibly change dramatically. 

Also, although I have all of these characters under the overarching idea of "Witch Hunter", only the Angelmaker explicitly only kills witches. CHIM3RA is a bit more complicated...uh, I'll get on with it. 

-On our left we have the trio with the working title, "CHIM3RA". My idea is that they're a kind of supernatural-mercenary group kind of thing. Yeah. (Early concepts, man.) They kill witches but also meta-humans in general, and probably non-powered beings as well. My main problem is that I haven't decided if they work freelance or are part of larger organization. :shrug: I'll figure it out! Alt. ideas were to call them Cerberus, aka the three headed dog that guards Hades. Instead, I'm working with the idea of a three headed Chimera, which has the heads of a lion, a goat, and a snake (or a dragon). Although I doubt I'll call them this in the end, for the sake of easy differentiating there's Shiver (the goat), Silence (the snake), and Scream (the lion).

They're all capable of short-distance teleportation, and I think some form of camouflage/invisibility. They're ninjas, basically. They may operate with a kind of hive-mindset = they never tell orders to each other, always attack in a group, and echo each other when they speak. But they do have different body language; Shiver's very twitchy, Silence is very relaxed, Scream's very excited. I don't think they're entirely human, either (Shiver has horns, Silence has fangs, and Scream has claws).

Also, I may have them all pictured above as females (of indeterminate age/ethnicity) but I have not actually decided upon their genders. I may just leave them with indeterminate gender as well, and I don't think you'll be able to tell with the armor anyway. *hands up in the air* I don't knooowwwww

They attack like ninja velociraptors. Beware. Bewareeeeeeee.

-And on our right we have the "Angelmaker". He's the creepiest. And the witch hunter who tries to kill Titania. (Boo this man, boo him.) Although I have his alias being the Angelmaker, I don't think he calls himself that--that's what he's been dubbed. He's called that because he strictly murders witch-children.

By drowning them. 

So, uh. 

He's pretty much a psychotic serial killer with drowning witch kids as his M.O.--he thinks he's doing God's work, but he's actually just completely insane. His civilian name is Father Conway, and I'm certain that most priests, even Catholic ones, don't typically wear the full cassock-fascia shebang but it looks really cool so we'll over look it. Shhhhh it's comics. I know that he's English and crazy and that's about it. And also that he whispers scripture while he drowns people. But other than that I got nothing. 

He has no powers that I'm certain of, so for the time being he's non-meta. Just crazy. 

SO THIS DOESN'T SHOW WITCH-HUNTERS IN THE BEST LIGHT, they aren't typically this bad...maybe. Imagine/Jo's actually BFFs with one, but I haven't decided on her older design yet, so I'll show her later. :la: Her name's Angela Quincy. shhhh
LilBluestem Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2016
"They're not typically this bad," she said of people who KILL WITCHES.

I am sooooo in love with your art and imagination, girl. :< These concepts are SO SPECTACULAR. I freaking love it!! I need more details about how/why Jo ends up friends with one of them??? What are their motivations, how did they get started, WHAT HAPPENS WITH TITANIA??? :<!!!! Dude just. More of everything pleeeease.

(I have to ask -- is this a very specific kind of witch Father Conway is after, or is it magical-things in general? I mean, you DID say that metas in general were targets of Chim3ra, so I guess Josh's witches would be included? Would other non-witch magicals be on Father Conway's hit list? Is it strictly children, or would he go after adults too? AAAAHHHH.)
OffToNetherland Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh I can't wait to see these polished off and ready to rp with because all of them seem like they would be AMAZING in an rp. :dummy:
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